What is compost?


Kampost. Concime. Composta. Kompos. Ferro. Organico. Komposti. Konposta. Muirin. Kompost. Komposti. Komposts. Rotmassi.

Composting is no secret. It is well known throughout the world and has been practiced since the dawn of agriculture.

We define composting and compost as how the earth maintains itself and waste nothing. Anything that was grown or raised on a field, farm, or garden will organically decompose and just like magic will be turned into the nutrient rich soil amendment known as compost. Compost as a finished product plays a vital roll in re-establishing structure and health to depleted soils. As well as being loaded with beneficial micro-organisms and humus (the organic component in soil.)


community based perspective

“In fact, there are reasons to believe that the era of reliance on manufactured and mined fertilizers is passing. ”

Gene Logsdon 11/5/1931 - 05/31/16